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Welcome to Chinese Acupuncture NY, your complete guide to Acupuncture in the Big Apple. That's right folks, there is a lot to know about traditional Chinese medicine techniques like Acupuncture and that is exactly why we are here for you. We will bring you all the tips you need to heal various ailments through Chinese medicine and also help match you up with the best Acupuncture specialists in your area. We are a Queens, NYC featured acupuncture clinic.

Looking for the best Doctor Of Acupuncture in Downtown Manhattan? Our clinic of acupuncture and eastern medicine is centrally located with easy access from all parts of NYC. Our certified Doctors have been trained by some of the most specialized and experienced schools in the world, learning the 3000 year old practice of acupuncture to help heal patients suffering from chronic pain, allergies, anxiety, insomnia, headaches, hypertension and more. We follow only the most hygienic practices and are there every step of the way for any patients who might feel nervous about trying traditional Chinese medicine for the first time. Not sure if acupuncture can help you? Contact us now for a free medical consultation.